Pictures from the 1970 Buffalo Party Convention

Provided by Micorder

"I don't have a lot of memories to add. I do remember we had a very good time. We had no hassles. Like I said, my wife put all the acid hits in my shirt pocket that had turned to paste from the waterfall  into my mouth because she was too stoned to know any better. The light show that night sent me to Pluto. My wife came down later and baby sat me. I do remember I could not stay sitting on the ground. I kept jumping up and cheering at the light show. Everyone around us was sitting and I obstructed their view. My wife says they were all ultra polite about asking her to keep me sitting. Everyone knew I was stoned out of my mind and it was clear that she was baby sitting. I did not hear until the next week about the guy who fell from the top of the falls. We think we talked with him. He was totally entranced with the view from the top.

At the time I worked at the Bremerton Naval Shipyard as a communications specialist. I worked in the communications center and held a top secret clearance. I handled very sensitive information, mostly about special operations in Viet Nam. When I came back to work the next week, it was hard to visualize myself working there for the rest of my life. Needless to say, dropping acid was not on the OK list for my job or my clearance. A few months later I left and went on to other things. I have never regretted leaving. I had a career as a systems engineer at Oregon Health and Sciences University. I retired from there.

As you can see the raw picts are pretty ugly and need work. But it might bring back pleasant memories for some. "


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Buffalo Party Convention

Buffalo Party Convention

Buffalo Party Convention